An immigrant visa is the goal of everyone who dreams of permanently moving to the USA. The process of obtaining a Green Card may be more time-consuming than in the case of a non-immigrant visa, however, it is certainly worth its price. The reward is the possibility of permanent residence, i.e., living and continuing a professional career in the USA as a resident. Who can apply for a Green Card to the USA? There are many possibilities. Just like with non-immigrant visas, family members of residents and citizens of the USA can apply for an immigrant visa, as well as employees, entrepreneurs, and investors. A common practice is to start applying for an immigrant visa while staying in the USA on non-immigrant visa terms, which allows for a smooth transition within the two visa categories without the need for several years of waiting for a Green Card outside the USA borders. A separate type of green cards are visas for refugees, persecuted individuals, and victims of violence. It is also interesting to note that every year the USA allows foreigners to participate in the visa lottery! With minimal effort and a bit of luck, you can win a Green Card. 

Types of Green Cards include:  

  • immigrant visa for family members
  • immigrant visa for employees
  • immigrant visa for entrepreneurs
  • immigrant visa for exceptionally talented individuals (so-called Einstein Visa)
  • immigrant visa for investors
  • immigrant visa through asylum
  • immigrant visa through relocation for refugees
  • immigrant visa for victims of violence
  • Diversity Visa to be won in the visa lottery
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