Non-immigrant visas are temporary visas issued by the American immigration office only for a specified period of time. This is the perfect solution for anyone who would like to come to America for a contract, freelance work, studies, or simply to spend some time in the USA, do some sightseeing, and travel. There are dozens of types of non-immigrant visas, from tourist visas, through family visas, student visas, to business visas. Among family visas, we distinguish those for spouses, children, parents, as well as fiancé visas. However, the greatest diversity occurs among work visas. For working individuals, there are several possibilities for continuing their career in the USA, both through sponsoring by a potential employer and agent from the USA. For exceptionally talented individuals, there is a special category of visas under which permission to work and temporary period of stay in the USA can be obtained, for example: athletes, artists, dancers, scientists, designers, actors, and celebrities. Entrepreneurs may consider applying for an investor visa or a visa for employees transferred to American company branches. 

Categories of non-immigrant visas: 

  • B visa for business and tourist purposes
  • L visa for employees transferred to the American branch of a company
  • E visa for entrepreneurs
  • F student visa
  • H visa for specialized workers (employer-sponsored visa from the USA)
  • J visa for students and exchange visitors, the so-called "Exchange Visitor Visa"
  • K fiancé visa
  • O visa for individuals with extraordinary abilities
  • P visa for athletes and artists
  • R visa for workers in religious institutions
  • TN visa for skilled professionals from Canada and Mexico
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