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Not Legal Advice, No Attorney-Client Relationship

The content provided on this website does not constitute legal advice. Browsing through this information does not establish an attorney-client relationship with our legal practice. The absence of an endorsement by the U.S. Government or any military branch is noted for all material presented on this site. In numerous situations, an attorney, investigator, or a representative from the firm may conduct initial investigations by visiting you.

Disclosure on Success Stories and Approval Rates

At Szymkowicz Law, we are proud of the success stories and high approval rates we have achieved for our clients. However, it is important to understand the following:

  • No Guarantee of Results: Past results, success stories, and high approval rates do not guarantee similar outcomes for other clients. Each case is unique and evaluated on its own merits, and various factors beyond our control can influence the outcome.
  • Ethical Compliance: In accordance with ethical requirements, we emphasize that all information provided regarding our success stories and approval rates is intended to give prospective clients an understanding of our experience and past performance. It should not be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of specific results.
  • Case-by-Case Basis: The outcome of each immigration case depends on numerous factors, including but not limited to the facts and circumstances of the case, the applicable law at the time, and the decision-making processes of the relevant authorities.
  • Consultation and Individual Assessment: We encourage all potential clients to schedule a consultation to discuss their individual situation. Our attorneys will provide tailored legal advice and assess the likelihood of success based on the specific details of each case.

By choosing Szymkowicz Law, you can expect diligent representation and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for your immigration needs, while understanding that no attorney can guarantee a particular result.


Definition – No Fees Unless You Win

No charges will be incurred if no compensation is recovered. Fees are calculated prior to deducting expenses from the recovery. Statements such as “We don’t get paid until you get paid” or similar expressions exclusively pertain to the fees levied by the attorney. Clients are generally responsible for court costs and additional expenses associated with legal proceedings. Contingent attorneys’ fees refer exclusively to the fees imposed by attorneys for their legal services and are not applicable to all case types.

  • The outcome achieved by the lawyer or law firm in one particular case does not guarantee similar results for other clients. Presented verdicts, awards, and overall recoveries are expressed as gross figures, excluding attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.
  • Legal matters are managed by an attorney at the law firm named at the top of this page, primarily practicing from the office noted above.
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